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GCT in TechBytes!

Posted by chomzee on 2012-11-07 23:22:18

Please take a look at an Interview given by us about GCT. The project is still on the right track! Hope you're still waiting for next release. :)

We are not dead! Development news and a preview.

Posted by chomzee on 2012-04-06 17:34:58

We are still here! And we still work hard on the project. A real revolution has been going on for recent months. The game is looking prettier every day. This week we decided to test the gameplay and use screen capture software to show you, how GCT looks now:

I hope you like the new appearance of the game. Stay tuned!

GCT Map Editor Tutorial

Posted by chomzee on 2011-08-16 22:55:01

Thanks to courtesy of Rooster, you can quickly learn how to use the GCT Map Editor to make your own maps! Take a peek at his post on the forum.

GCT for Mac OS X

Posted by chomzee on 2011-08-13 15:53:51

Just wanted to show Apple users, that we haven't forgotten about them. We still have to make a lot of work, but at least the development version of the game works smoothly for Mac OS X and here's the proof:


Windows Server game running problems

Posted by maxest on 2011-06-10 23:11:54

We've received information about game launching problems on Windows Server editions (2003 and 2008). Game might pop up an error message saying: "The application was unable to start correctly (some hex address here). Click OK to close the application.".

Probably the solution would be installing Visual C++ redist pack, which you can find here:

New screenshots

Posted by chomzee on 2011-05-23 21:13:58

New screenshots have been added here. If you make a screenshot and you think it's really good, send it to us, we will put it on the website.

A new version has just been released!

Posted by chomzee on 2011-05-16 17:42:59

May-2011 is yet another freeware test version. You can download it completely for free, let us know about possible bugs and, what's most important, have lots of fun!

The most important changes since February version include:

  • server finder (just hit 'refresh' button to get list of currently available servers)
  • destroyable street lights
  • new GUI (Head-Up Display)
  • new, better sounds
  • new game types (Bombmatch, Race)
  • better blood and other animations
  • a few new vehicles
  • vehicles' names
  • improved physics
  • cute installer for Linux
  • each user keeps his/her own files in home dictionary (under Linux)
  • teammates' nicknames
  • many bugs fixes and improvements

Looking forward to see you in the game!

New version coming soon!

Posted by maxest on 2011-05-06 22:38:01

Due to many request we have had regarding not-working server finder in the game startup, we would like to inform you that in a couple of days we will release the current version of the game, where the server finder works.

So stay tuned!

Interview with the developers!

Posted by maxest on 2011-03-31 13:19:37

I am happy to announce, that an interview with us has appeared in the internet! It's here:

Have a nice reading!

Greedy Car Thieves -- Official Trailer

Posted by chomzee on 2011-03-13 00:48:17

First GCT Videos

Posted by chomzee on 2011-02-16 23:42:06

This is a video from the most recent test session:

Also, people from LINUXGAMECAST made a small video over here.

Linux version

Posted by chomzee on 2011-02-15 01:29:13

Linux version (both for x86 and x86_64) has just been released. Packages that contain binaries can be downloaded from the download section. Check them out and contact us if you encounter any problems while running the game.

A couple of things worth knowing

Posted by maxest on 2011-02-14 23:46:27

Here's a list of things you should know when you want to play GCT:

1. Running the game. A lot of people most probably run the game with gct-game_Release_D3D9{OGL}.exe and are surprised why they cannot set their nicks anywhere :). Yes, I guess that if I were to run the game for the first time I would also run it via gct-game_Release_D3D9{OGL}.exe. However, there is a manager application called gct-game-startup_Release.exe. Run the game with this application and there you can set your nick, skin, video and audio options. You can also host a game with your own settings (Host tab). You can join a game only by entering a direct IP address in Join tab. Server finder is not implemented yet.

2. Before you start the game you should take a look at folder "docs" and read short files that are inside it. These are:

- weapons.txt - see what weapons are in the game

- powerups.txt - see what powerups are in the game and what effect they carry

- controls.txt - learn how to play :)! Note that during the game you can open a map and see where you are (and where flags are in CTF mode) with RIGHT SHIFT button. Note also that ESC quits the game. Any team change or joining the game is done by pressing J button.

3. Some valuable tricks during playing:

a) it is possible to get into a car with more that 1 people. By pressing ENTER you get as a driver, pressing BACKSPACE you can get as a passenger. When you are sitting as a passenger, you can shoot from the car! This possibility is particularly useful in team game modes.

b) you can fire with both LMB and RMB. On LMB a player shoots straight ahead. RMB will make the player to shoot exactly at the point the sight is focused on. This way you can, for example, shoot down while standing on a roof, or shoot up when somebody else is standing on a roof. Also, it is useful to shoot with a rocker launcher somewhere around an enemy (you do not have to shoot them precisely with LMB shot).

4. If you experience any problem with starting the game or during running, report it to the forum. We will be able to help you :).

Welcome, Facebook!

Posted by chomzee on 2011-02-14 19:58:27

Link to our Facebook page.

February 2011 released!

Posted by maxest on 2011-02-14 02:55:35

Hey folks!

It is an honor to me to announce that we are finally releasing a sort of beta version of our game to the world! We have done a lot of testing and eliminated as many bugs as we could. This is not the final product you can see now, but it will give you a sense of how it's gonna look like when it's fully done.

I know that I, as a co-creator of this game, cannot be fully objective, but to me this game rocks! I think we have achieved to a very great extent what we wanted -- an even more fast-paced game than most other similar games, with much nicer vibe. All these game types (FFA, CTF, hunting, wants more? You will get them!), weapons, power-ups have such a massive influence on the gameplay part that if often raises very funny situations and dynamic actions. Just try it!

Go to the "Download" section to get the game. At the moment there is only a Windows version. But stay tuned for a few days, a Linux version is on its way :).

In the "Screenshots" section you can admire the screenshots that were taken during the tests. We are also working on a trailer and a map editor video tutorial that will both be available within a few days here.

There is one semi-official server (it is by default entered in the IP address in the game). If you don't have friends around to play with, you can enter it and most probably we will be testing the game on that server every day at around 8PM-11PM GMT.

Wanna challenge the developers? We're waiting for you!

October 2010

Posted by chomzee on 2010-10-12 20:18:50

Yesterday, on October 11th 2010, we managed to reach first major milestone. Altogether we can say that our first playable alpha version is done. Unfortunately, we can't publish it yet. You have to settle for screenshots at the moment.

Development becomes really rapid. Stay tuned!

We're after the very first alpha tests!

Posted by maxest on 2010-08-25 22:59:04

You may be thinking the project is dead. You can't be further from the truth. Yesterday we did the first alpha tests, up to 7 players. First of all the game was absolutelty lag-free, including the fact that there was a quite big amount of cars and pedestrians everywhere which did not influence the ping.

We tested two game modes: Capture The Flag and Hunting.

Hunting is what you know from GTA2, where it was called Tag Game. One player is running away and the rest is hunting him. The one who runs most of the time wins.

As for CTF I guess eveyone knows the story. Two flags, two bases. Can you imagine how fun it was when we set off for the enemy flag in 2 players in 1 car, while chomzee was driving and I was shooting from a rocket launcher?! Other time I was driving and chomzee made use of AK-47 :>. The gameplay is already truly fabulous despite the fact we dont have powerups implemented yet.

Right now, we are on our way in implementing two new game types: race and bomb match! Bomb match is actually the same mode that you can find in Counter Strike.

The alpha test has revealed some bugs (that's what they serve for, don't they?) so we're working hard on tuning the game :].

The website may still remain "dead" and probably no screenshots will appear by now. However, we're putting various screenshot-stuff here.

What is it all about?

Posted by maxest on 2010-05-03 23:12:37


It's the first post so I would like to introduce you to the project. Greedy Car Thieves (GCT) is actually nothing more than a much more technologically advanced remake of fantastic Grand Theft Auto 2 (by now we're developing only multiplayer version).

We've been working on this project since summer 2008 We've written our own engines (renderer, physics, net). You may wonder why we decided not to use any middleware? The answer is simple: because we wanted it to be fun. We love doing what we're doing and after over 1,5 years we've gone really far with this project. Believe me, it's neatly optimized, works well even on low-end hardware and offers nice visual effects.

For more information look at "about" section. We've also put some screenshots that come from the entire process of development. Also, if you have any questions or ideas, visit our forum.